The Translucent Me ..........

Gauteng, South Africa
I was born in the Summer of '69 & the era which is commonly known as "Flowa Powa", "Free Love" and "Contraband Narcotics" - hell, of course that potentially had no positive contribution as to how my life actually did transpire - smiles. Oh, how I still look for plausible reasons or excuses as to why my life followed the winding, topsy, turvy, upside down, inside out, and back to front spiral that it did. Now, eventually I am translucent ....... I am me, what was - was, what is - is, what will be - is still to come. Hmmmm, exciting very exciting.

Welcome to the Translucent World of Translucency - H, OM & W + H, F & C .....

Oxford English Dictionary - Translucent / tranz-loo-suhnt, adj, allowing light to pass through partially; semi-transparent. ORIGIN - Latin translucere 'shine through'

Ever wondered how the Magician (The many Thangs that blow my hair back kind of a Thang - lol!) of Translucency maintains its weightlessness, graceful movement & no general concern of what - was, what - is and what - will be .......... the ever elusive and awe inspiring Jellyfish.

NTS (Note to Self) - aim to become luminously translucent in this life ........

The Translucency "Thang" of being luminously transparent

The Translucency "Thang" of being luminously transparent
Now, wouldn't that just be one Helleva Thang ..........?

If I give you some"thang", is it yours ....?

The many "Thangs" that blow my hair back ........

  • A bubble bath without the Champers
  • A good conversation & a healthy debate
  • Absolute gratitude for a new shot at life
  • Agreeing to Disagree
  • Being a Mother, Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Friend, Godmother (finally am the Lover part ..... smiles)
  • Being loved
  • Chocolate & Strawberry milkshake that leaves a moustache on my top lip
  • Creme Brule
  • Falling in love
  • Getting out of bed every morning and giving thanks for another Beautifully Exquisite Day
  • Giggling so much that my tummy hurts
  • Having my Man tell me that I am beautiful and for once I actually believe it
  • Hearing my favourite song on the radio and singing to it at the top of my lungs
  • Holding hands with my Man!
  • Jellyfish
  • Kissing my Dad on his bald patch and him winking and saying that since yesterday 3 new hairs have sprouted because of that "baldy patch" kiss
  • Laughing at myself even though those around me ARE paying attention
  • Laughing for absolutely no reason at all
  • Laughing so hard that my face hurts and realizing I have acquired a few extra laugh lines
  • Lying in bed and really listening to the rain outside
  • Making new friends or spending time with old ones
  • Midnight phone calls that last for hours
  • Most definately "Addict" parfum by C.D.
  • Riding the best roller coaster over and over and each time I tell my daughter never again
  • Road trips with friends
  • Runing into an old friend and realizing that some things haven't changed but I have
  • Swinging on a swing as high as I can
  • That special glance from My Man
  • That special kiss that leaves me with butterflies in my tummy
  • The sand between my toes at the beach
  • The smell of puppy breath
  • The word "copious" ..... so expressive I can see it, touch it, feel it
  • Watching my 17 year old daughter sleeping, I actually catch my breath and I know then what unconditional love is
  • Watching the expression on my loved ones faces as they open a much desired present which was under "that same" *wink* Christmas Tree, but they never had the chance to prod and peep at it like I did
  • Watching the sunrise and promising myself that I will never sleep whilst the Sun shines
  • When my daughter puts her arms around me and whispers in my ear - "I love you, Mommy Darling"
  • When my daughter still to this day, always brings me a flower from wherever she has been just to say- "I love you, Mom"
  • Wrapping presents under the Christmas Tree and prodding and peeping at a gift that has my name on it - cheeky hey?

That Translucent "Thang" - Eyes are the window to the Soul ........

That Translucent "Thang" - Eyes are the window to the Soul ........
The Actress

The Saboteur

The Intensifier

The Forward Thinker

The Chameleon

The Owner

The Giver

The Woman

The Translucent

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sardines in a Tin, Sausage in a Skin ..... think about it!?

Yes, I know I haven't blogged for a few days (my bad!). The days have run away with me and the desire hasn't been there ............ aaaaaaw poor baby. I have openly extended my hospitality to some friends of mine to come and share my living space as they are in a bit of a pickle. No, I am not trying to be a Martyr, I know that they would have done the same for me if the circumstance was reversed.

You know you are becoming set in your ways (and boy oh boy), I think I definately am. When it takes every inch of self control & pleasantries to keep on saying to yourself - "this is only temporary ...........". There currently is 5 (3 adults & 2 children - age 5 & 18 months) of us in an apartment that is meant for 2 people only (& no animals) - so, am I feeling just a tad claustrophobic, you got that right! Sardines in a Tin, Sausage in a Skin. Oh, did I mention that there are 5 felines as well, 2 female cats (1 of which is nursing her 3 kittens). These felines don't belong to me (I suffer from asthma) but belong to my friends, they all come as a package deal (not sure if I should laugh or cry).

The 5 year old is used to having space i.e. a garden where he can literally vent all his super-charged energy and now he is being made to harness that super-charged energy in a confined & a helleva lot smaller living space which adds to his aggravation and yes, you guessed it to mine as well. His baby brother of 18 months behaves like any normal 18 month old - if we can reach it, touch it, play with it and put it in our mouths - we will!

My home really is not "children friendly nor children proof" and I am loathe to start packing & hiding away .............. "don't touch"- should be the order of the day. But, then hey - say "don't touch" to most children is like putting sweeties in front of them and telling them they aren't allowed any. I should know this - my daughter was a "childrens" - 17 years & 2 months ago today - smiles, where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday that I held this Beautiful Being in my arms - *grins* I feel I am getting this far away look in my eyes whilst I linger along memory lane ...........

Walking around "my space" in my birthday suit, leaving the loo door open whilst sitting on the throne, lying in the bath with the door open because it's all hot & steamy and I can feel a bout of Premature Menopause Sacrificial Roast Leg of Lamb Hot Over Ripe Tomato coming on ...... is definately out of the question ............. grin and bear it, says I - it's only temporary.

Please don't get me wrong I am happy that I am in a position to extend a helping hand to good friends. Like they say there is a lesson to be learnt in everything that transpires ........ So, your next question is going to be, "so what is the lesson" - um, well I will always be grateful for the solitude that I have when I choose it and I won't complain that I am lonely. The universe heard my complaint of loneliness and sent me company in ABUNDANCE .......... lol.

Oh, the green, green hills of chosen solitude really seem so enticing again ........... the Sardines are welcome to their Tin & The Sausage is welcome to it's Skin. I prefer to be the Island when I choose, thank you very much.

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