The Translucent Me ..........

Gauteng, South Africa
I was born in the Summer of '69 & the era which is commonly known as "Flowa Powa", "Free Love" and "Contraband Narcotics" - hell, of course that potentially had no positive contribution as to how my life actually did transpire - smiles. Oh, how I still look for plausible reasons or excuses as to why my life followed the winding, topsy, turvy, upside down, inside out, and back to front spiral that it did. Now, eventually I am translucent ....... I am me, what was - was, what is - is, what will be - is still to come. Hmmmm, exciting very exciting.

Welcome to the Translucent World of Translucency - H, OM & W + H, F & C .....

Oxford English Dictionary - Translucent / tranz-loo-suhnt, adj, allowing light to pass through partially; semi-transparent. ORIGIN - Latin translucere 'shine through'

Ever wondered how the Magician (The many Thangs that blow my hair back kind of a Thang - lol!) of Translucency maintains its weightlessness, graceful movement & no general concern of what - was, what - is and what - will be .......... the ever elusive and awe inspiring Jellyfish.

NTS (Note to Self) - aim to become luminously translucent in this life ........

The Translucency "Thang" of being luminously transparent

The Translucency "Thang" of being luminously transparent
Now, wouldn't that just be one Helleva Thang ..........?

If I give you some"thang", is it yours ....?

The many "Thangs" that blow my hair back ........

  • A bubble bath without the Champers
  • A good conversation & a healthy debate
  • Absolute gratitude for a new shot at life
  • Agreeing to Disagree
  • Being a Mother, Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Friend, Godmother (finally am the Lover part ..... smiles)
  • Being loved
  • Chocolate & Strawberry milkshake that leaves a moustache on my top lip
  • Creme Brule
  • Falling in love
  • Getting out of bed every morning and giving thanks for another Beautifully Exquisite Day
  • Giggling so much that my tummy hurts
  • Having my Man tell me that I am beautiful and for once I actually believe it
  • Hearing my favourite song on the radio and singing to it at the top of my lungs
  • Holding hands with my Man!
  • Jellyfish
  • Kissing my Dad on his bald patch and him winking and saying that since yesterday 3 new hairs have sprouted because of that "baldy patch" kiss
  • Laughing at myself even though those around me ARE paying attention
  • Laughing for absolutely no reason at all
  • Laughing so hard that my face hurts and realizing I have acquired a few extra laugh lines
  • Lying in bed and really listening to the rain outside
  • Making new friends or spending time with old ones
  • Midnight phone calls that last for hours
  • Most definately "Addict" parfum by C.D.
  • Riding the best roller coaster over and over and each time I tell my daughter never again
  • Road trips with friends
  • Runing into an old friend and realizing that some things haven't changed but I have
  • Swinging on a swing as high as I can
  • That special glance from My Man
  • That special kiss that leaves me with butterflies in my tummy
  • The sand between my toes at the beach
  • The smell of puppy breath
  • The word "copious" ..... so expressive I can see it, touch it, feel it
  • Watching my 17 year old daughter sleeping, I actually catch my breath and I know then what unconditional love is
  • Watching the expression on my loved ones faces as they open a much desired present which was under "that same" *wink* Christmas Tree, but they never had the chance to prod and peep at it like I did
  • Watching the sunrise and promising myself that I will never sleep whilst the Sun shines
  • When my daughter puts her arms around me and whispers in my ear - "I love you, Mommy Darling"
  • When my daughter still to this day, always brings me a flower from wherever she has been just to say- "I love you, Mom"
  • Wrapping presents under the Christmas Tree and prodding and peeping at a gift that has my name on it - cheeky hey?

That Translucent "Thang" - Eyes are the window to the Soul ........

That Translucent "Thang" - Eyes are the window to the Soul ........
The Actress

The Saboteur

The Intensifier

The Forward Thinker

The Chameleon

The Owner

The Giver

The Woman

The Translucent

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Premature Menopausal Sacrificial Roast Leg of Lamb Hot Over Ripe Tomato - can you dig it???

I have never had the opportunity of setting my eyes on the green, green hills of Ireland ....... if they are as beautiful & meandering as we get to see on the Big Screen then perhaps I should contemplate seeing them, or what say you? Hmmmmm, perhaps my reluctance to be bold and brave comes about, due to the perpetual "weather conditions". My psyche (if I can put it that way) would potentially have a very hard time adjusting to grey, rainy & cold. Being a native of a country where the Sun shines more days than not and the temperature very rarely goes below 22 deg C in summer and perhaps 0 deg C in winter ............... now, do you understand?

I have however, had the opportunity of visiting Germany in winter which was all fine and well because it was for a Holiday ........... the snow was pristine and festivity was in the air and in the back of my mind I knew that it wouldn't be toooo long and I would be back home again where the Sun shone bright. What does stand out for me was the artificial heating wherever we went. Whilst I understand the necessity of artificial heating in homes, shops & malls, here's the "thang"*whisper* - I felt like a sacrificial lamb. Hot & bothered all the time ........... and now you are going to say - "but you should be used to the heat, as you come from a country where the summers are hot" - well, yes I am but the heat that I enjoy is natural heat. Am I making sense, lol, most probably not. I remember always having flushed rosy cheeks and feeling as though I was going through my "menopausal years (hot flushes)" which I wasn't because then I was in my late 20's and nowhere near menopause!

Before I attempted to brave the outdoors, my Sacrificial Lamb Ritual was ..............

  • On with my shoes - in a German household everyone walks around the house in House Shoes??? You leave your Outside Shoes at the door.

  • On with my Jersey

  • On with my Scarf - wrapped around my neck twice so I looked like one of those woman from a tribe that puts rings around her neck to make her neck longer (apparently helps her with finding a husband, long necks are supposedly very sexy???)

  • On with my Winter Jacket - by now I felt like a hugely oversized Michelin Man (you know that Orange One) & also by now the Sacrificial Roast Leg of Lamb

  • On with my Gloves

  • By this time I had started to show signs of "premature menopause", tiny beads of perspiration on my top lip and a face that looked like a "roast leg of lamb - cooked to perfection, medium to rare on the inside & outside - U G L Y!

The above-mentioned all being done under duress and now taking the bold step outside where the temperature is REALLY COLD. You guessed it, now my nose would instantly start to run, picture Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or better yet Patch Adams, I could have shown them both a "thang" or two. Got in the car and away w

e go to our destination. It didn't end there - in the car, with all these millions of layers of clothing and the heater on - RED meaning damn Hot. I start unravelling myself in the car -scarf off, gloves off, oh what the hell let the jacket stay (the beads of perspiration haven't gone anywhere, still on my top lip!) sitting on the wrong side of the car as well as the wrong side of the road - takes a while for my brain to sort that one out (lol) ............ yihaaaaa, I am FINE (F***ing, Insecure, Neurotic & Emotional). The traffic lights (we call them Robots in SA) are also all in the wrong place, you have to strain your neck (this is where I secretly wished I was one of those Long Necked Tribeswoman) in order to see whether we must STOP or GO through the windscreen. We finally got to our destination - and now the whole scenario starts again, wind my neck up, on with the gloves and Hoooooray we braved the Mall!

Artificial heating at it's best - by this time my face now looks like a really hot over ripe tomato, ever had one of those (lol)? To eat I mean, not GREAT! The unravelling starts all over again, unwind my neck, take off my gloves and my jacket, and I hold all of these clothing items together with my handbag over one arm - no wonder I suffer from a bit of tennis elbow (lol). I looked like a Pack Horse, dammit - all I needed was the theme song for High Chaperal playing in the background and that scene wouldn't have to be shot again. It's a WRAP people!

So, now do you sympathise? Premature Menopausal Sacrificial Roast Leg of Lamb Hot Over Ripe Tomato ........... you can't get better than that (lol), or maybe you can - convince me, tsk, tsk ..........

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pensive today .......... ugh!

Hmmmmm, hello - in a pensive mood today! So I think I am going to hold out until tomorrow and then I will let me fingers do the walking over the keyboard ..........

Monday, October 22, 2007

& here you all thought I never REALLY had a word with John ..........

Wow, what a helleva "thang" this weekend was .............. Thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish! Had a really lovely day with my daughter and friends for my Birthday on Saturday - and it was sooooo awesome that I received so many congratulatory phone calls & texts. Thank you everybody, I was a chuffed SOMEBODY (wasn't sure that at my years young ;-) people still cared to remember).

I said in my previous post that I had whispered in John Smits ear regarding bringing home the Cup for my Birthday ............ hehehehe (Told you all that I did). What absolute nail biting stuff, I was sitting in a Pub with friends watching the game and screaming as if my life depended on it - still have a bit of a "Tina Turner in Drag" voice today, you know the husky type - smiles. So that really was the 'cherry on the top" for me regarding my Birthday - thanks to John and the whole Springbok Team for making my Birthday a memorable one - I owe you one!

So, now that I am 1 year younger in the scheme of things ....... I know that the next year ahead is going to be a beautiful year of changes, possibilities and definate growth - phew, who ever thought .........

Always slays me that in my life it is either feast of famine there is no mediocre balance (I know this statement won't make sense to anyone, hmmmmm, as long as I know what I mean - grins).

Feeling really lazy now and I still have things to do when I leave the office, so I bid you all a very pleasant eve and look forward to what tomorrow brings .......... mwah